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Why Mudita


As you all know, when you love doing something you go after it and share it with the ones you care about, friends or family. Well Mudita is about just that. Loving to understand what makes a good wine, by going a little further than simply drinking it is why we’re kick-starting this project.

We only have a limited amount of hours to spend in our lives to discover things that we’re interested in. It’s hard to really get into the detail about a topic when we have to juggle our day lives between, work, life admin, commuting, sleeping. For most of us, we’re stuck on a seat in front of a computer for 10 hours a day, only to pack into a hot busy tube to get home, exhausted. This leaves very little time for us to find the energy to discover new things, learn more about others, or even simply rest and do nothing.

Some are passionate about music, others sport, us it’s wine. Well…I wouldn’t say we spend our time drinking but we do go further than most in looking to understand what makes wine so interesting. We do this by going out of our way in asking why each region, country, grape, method, producer, year, climate, or even glass makes each sip of the stuff so fascinating.

What We Propose

Every quarter a unique selection of wines from a region in Europe voted by you. The number of bottles will vary depending on the average cost of the bottle but we aim for enough bottles to satisfy your thirst at the table over a good conversation with friends for at least 3 months.

Step 1

Select the wines

We're looking to get wines you can't get easily in the UK. We're fed up of getting screwed over for a crappy selection of wines and paying through the nose for them. That means no more Casillero del Diablo or Oyster Bay for you my friend.

Step 2

At the right price

We're looking to get wines that cost on average 30% less than if you were to buy them in the UK. We are buying direct from the source or from their representatives locally. This means we pay local prices, with low shipping costs because of our bulk buying... get it?

Step 3

No middlemen

We get wines we like and want, without any middlemen, and without paying exorbitant taxes. We are also combining orders to start with for strength in numbers…so yes: United we succeed, divided we get overcharged!

Step 4

Wine-trip included

Every so often, we'll be looking to organise a short weekend wine-trip in a region the group's selected. We thought, if we're going out to discover these wines and producers, why don't you join in doing it too? The aim is to do a bit of tasting, get to discover a part of the world we don't know and hopefully not get a hang over on the Monday (good wine = no hangover. Remember?)

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